9 Types of Backlinks Every SEO person should know with example

Types of Backlinks: There are more than 10 types of backlinks that every Digital Marketing Person or SEO Executive should know.

These Important types of Backlinks are mentioned below with examples.

Also, we have added 100 websites of each backlink type so that you can create links for your websites to gain organic traffic and Rank higher on Google SERP.


What are Backlinks in SEO?

When we put or submit our website URLs or Link Addresses on another website, that process is called backlinks.

Backlinks are like votes. The more high-quality backlinks our website has the more chances of ranking our website gets.

Backlinks help our website gain more organic traffic, drive potential users to our web pages, and increase our website’s authority in Google’s eyes.

How does it help us?

Google recommends those website content to users with more authority and helpful content.

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