Top 200 Social Bookmarking sites: Do-Follow High DA PA- 100% Genuine

Social Bookmarking Sites: There are many types of Backlinks like Profile Backlinks, Blog Posting Backlinks, Guest Post Backlinks and many more.

Social Bookmark Backlinks is one from them. Social Backlinks are also known as naked backlinks.

In this article, you will get to know everything about Social Bookmarking, Also, we have listed over 200 sites with High DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). that will help your site to gain some authority from google and get organic traffic from one site to your site.

Note: We have tested each website and created backlinks on them, so that our audience will get 100% genuine site lists.

Diagram illustrating how other websites link to your website, highlighting backlinks and SEO- Social Bookmarking sites

What is Social Bookmarking Backlinks?

When Digital Marketer or a person who is going to build backlinks for their website to gain authority and traffic via placing any naked link of their website on some other websites, that process is called Social Bookmarking or Social Backlinks.

These links are beneficial for OFF-Page tactics that has been done by any person or Digital Marketer.

Once in a life, every person create Social Bookmarking and help website owners to gain traffic.

Don’t know how?

When any person copy and paste any websites URLs also known as Link Address and save it for future references, that process was also get calculated in Social Bookmarking or Social Backlink.

Why Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking’s are easy to create OFF-Page tactics that doesn’t need to invest more time and efforts.

Any person can visit any Social Bookmarking website, create their account using email id and name and place their website’s URLs.

These websites provide Do-Follow backlinks with High DA PA authority from their websites.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking Backlinks

Once website owners did their On-Page activities done. Then it’s crucial that you must have to go for OFF-Page activities.

For quick off-page, Directory Submissions and Social Bookmarking’s are best way to do it. These also helps quickly Indexing your article and start ranking for your targeted keywords towards potential customers or visitors.

For those website owners, who’s website are in news or Job Posting category, where they have to index and rank their article quickly, the Social Bookmarking Backlinks plays very crucial role over there.

Why we need to do Social Bookmarking?

Google Search Engine rank those websites who has backlinks from High DA PA with Do-Follow tags.

Social Bookmarking sites usually has High Authorities and provide Link juice to our websites.

This is the reason every SEO person create Social Bookmarking once in a life to gain authority and Link Juice.

Top 10 Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

Below we have mentioned Top 10 Social Bookmaking websites with their DA PA Information.

Sr. NoWebsite NameDAPASpam Score

These 10 websites are most popular Social Bookmarking sites with A+ Domain Authority and Page Authority. Every person or website owner create Backlinks on these platform via sharing their content in community or via posts.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking Sites

Creating backlinks on Social Platforms has many benefits. From them we have mentioned few benefits below, that will help in your OFF-Page activities.

1. SEO Advantages

Backlinks from reputable Social websites can help your websites or web pages to Rank higher in Google Search Engine.

Also, Backlinks help websites to increase Domain Authority and Page Authority.

2. Increase Traffic

When you share your content with URLs on Social Bookmarking sites, then it generate more awareness and help user to drive themselves from another site to your website.

Also, some users save our content links for future reference and some times they share your content links with more people if they found it useful.

It also helps your website to gain more impressions and traffic.

3. Enhance Content Visibility

When you share your content on another websites it generate more Impressions then usual which unknowingly improve Content Visibility.

4. Improve Domain Authority

The more High Authority Backlinks you create for your website, the more chance are that your websites Domain Authority will increase.

Why Domain Authority?

If your website has more domain authority, then google consider it as helpful website who’s publishing genuine and authorities content for users.

Which also helps to gain more Impressions and Traffic for organic leads or customers.


Let’s say, you have created an article on the topic of “Top 11 sites to share your content”. and people who are reading that article find it useful and share it with their community or save it for future reference.

Then that time google consider it as helpful content and improve your article’s visibility, Impressions, and Authority.

Top 200 Social Bookmarking Sites List- Updated

Below we have mentioned top 200 Social Sites with high Domain Authority and Low spam Score.

Which will help your website to build strong presence and OFF-Page activity on google.

Note: On every website that have mentioned below, we have already created backlinks on them to provide you best and trusted data.


Backlinks are very crucial part of Off-Page SEO. without backlinks your website can not gain more Domain Authority and improve Rankings in google.

These list of Social Websites can help you to increase your Off-Page activity and build your site as strong and reputed.

These all links that have mentioned are 100% working and from reputed websites. Which will not cause your websites authority or Spam Score.

Note: If you have any query regarding any of Digital Marketing term or questions feel free to reach out us via email provided in Contact us page or drop your query in Comment box mentioned below for your convenience.

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