How to get Relevant High-Quality Backlinks- 10 Proven Strategies

In of Digital age, where everyone is dancing on reels and promoting their business over social media and thinking about making their brand popular all over the globe, having a strong presence in the online world becomes a crucial part for business to get successful.

For this, one of the Important key elements to boost your business’s or website’s authority and visibility on Google is to create Relevant High-Quality Backlinks that Google also likes and help to improve your website’s authority.

google says, even nowadays backlinks are like a voting machine the more relevant your backlinks are the more likely you can dominate the SERP’s first page or sometimes first place.

Your relevant and high-quality backlinks can heavily impact your website’s ranking and SEO confidence from other websites to yours.

In this article, we have discussed 10 well-proven strategies to help you obtain High-Quality and valuable backlinks from other websites to your website, which can eventually increase your SEO, Authority, awareness, Traffic, and many more things in the eyes of Google’s crawler and can heavily impact your SEO efforts ( positively ).

These mentioned strategies are not only effective but also they are tailored to an audience, so they can easily connect and implement.

What are Backlinks in SEO?

Backlinks are also known as Inbound links or Incoming links, these links are given on another website to Increase our website’s authority and ranking and also to redirect some traffic to our website.

The more Relevant High-Quality Backlinks our website have, the higher chance our website will rank in Search Engine Result Page ( SERP )

Relevant High-Quality Backlinks example

Why are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks are calculated as Authentic Voter count, which gives a positive message to Google. as like, each vote ( backlink ) tells Google Search Engine “The content is more valuable, authentic, and trustworthy”.

Let’s suppose Website “A” has a link for your website “B”, then while Google sends its crawler to website A and finds your website’s link, the crawler simultaneously crawls your website and its content and increases the authority.

Google Baba says backlink is not a new concept, Backlinks will be one of the Important factors for website authority and trustworthiness. Backlinks are one of the root foundational parts of Google’s main and Important algorithm.

Google Baba has changed its ranking factors and algorithm thousands of times but the backlinks factor remains the same.

What types of Backlinks are good and valuable?

Google says not all types of Backlinks are valuable and High-Quality. There are some factors that every website or business owner should have to know while creating backlinks on another website.

Not Valuable Backlinks– Those backlinks that are created on 18+ or adult websites are irrelevant or nonvaluable backlinks. Also, those backlinks that are far away from your topic are calculated as irrelevant backlinks.

Valuable Backlinks- Those backlinks are more valuable and are created within your blog topic or related to your business.

Creating one Relevant High-Quality Backlinks is better than creating 1000 Irrelevant and low-quality backlinks.

Rules to Create Relevant High-Quality Backlinks

There are some rules or we can say things that we can keep in mind while creating Relevant High-Quality Backlinks, which will eventually help us in ranking our website on the Google search engine ranking page at the top of the result.

No #1: Create Backlinks on Trustworthy and Authentic Websites

We give you two options, Rather get a backlink from Wiki or from an 18+ adult site that has no relevancy. What will you choose?

google baba feels the same while indexing your backlinks and pushing your website on the first page of the Google Search Result Page.

The more Relevant High-Quality Backlinks your website has the more authentic and trustworthy it looks.

According to Research, If you get a Backlink from a reputed and Trustworthy website, it will help your website or business to rank up automatically.

No #2: Include your Targeted Keyword in the Link’s Anchor Text

Anchor text is also known as visible text that includes a link to another page website or any other source.

how to add backlink with code in website

No #3: The website ( or page ) should be related to your topic

The most important part or aspect of creating backlinks is relevancy, If your backlink has no relevancy related to your website it will be counted as no-backlink or zero backlink.

Just like, If your article is written on the topic “How to play a video game” and you have submitted or created a backlink on a website or article where people have discussed “How Handicap people live” then your link is counted as completely irrelevant, as there is no one who is going to visit on your website.

The best example to create a valuable and relevant High-Quality Backlink is if your Article is written on the topic “How to follow a proper gym diet” and you have put the article’s backlink on the article where people have discussed “How to gain weight” then this will increase the chances of getting high and authoritative link juice.

No #4: The Link should be a “Do-follow” backlink

Those backlinks are “No-Follow” links, these are like abundant goods, that exist but don’t work. Google and other Search engines ignore the links with No-Follow tags, as they are made for just redirection of users but not for Google crawler.

Most of the links are No-Follow links as the creators do not know about this thing. No-follow backlinks are not that much valuable and just drain your time and efforts to create.

For example, those links, that have been created on Blog Post, Press News, and Paid Ads are created as No-Follow backlinks.

How to Create Relevant High-Quality Backlinks?

1. Guest Posting

If you think Guest Posting is dead. Then you are wrong.

If you are new or older as well in this field, then AdKinda wants to let you know that Guest posting is one of the best options to gain High-Quality traffic and backlinks, from another website.

Guest posting refers to writing blog posts or articles by ourselves and posting them on another website ( in your niche ) to get a “Do-Follow” backlink for your website.

But, the most important question for guest posting is “How to find websites that allow us to guest post on their sites”?

First, find those authors who write guest posts multiple times.

now go to any of their blog posts and find their image ( author’s image or brand logo ), go to Google Image Reverse, and put the image URL in it.

After that you will get a list of guest blog posts the author has published. then contact with these website owners and negotiate them for guest posting.

Things to keep in mind while doing Guest Posting-

  • Identify and negotiate with authoritative websites in your niche.
  • Create High-Quality, Informative, and engaging content.
  • Always reach out to the author, or owner of the website with the proper pitch.
  • Ensure the website is related to your audience.


Finding Relevant High-Quality Backlinks for your website is a hard but important factor for Search Engine Ranking Factor in Digital Marketing Strategy.

Implementing these 10 link-building strategies to gain any region audience for your website can enhance your online presence, drive organic traffic, and reduce your SEO efforts for your business.

Always remember that quality is more important than quantity, creating one relevant High-Quality backlink is way better than creating 1000 Irrelevant Low-Quality backlinks.

And, keep in mind that creating Relevant High-Quality Backlinks regularly and consistently will help you to gain authority and trust from google.

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